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Jack Olson

Luan is a top notch, high-class person. He is very respectful, courteous and responsible. I would trust this guy with my business and my home. He is the man.

I have known Luan now for over three years and not only was I invited to his wedding, ran across his wife before their marriage and both individuals are truly incredible. They are driven, willing to assist anyone in need and one of the most valued relationships that I have on the islands. I love them bot hand recommend working with them on any level, professional or personal.

Shen Kai Gandolfo

Luan is my good friend since we were young. He is an awesome, very trustworthy person. You will very much enjoy knowing him. A good man!

Terri Kaminski, Bainbridge Homes Real Estate

Luan, How to thank you enough for your expertise and personal attention to helping us find the right home for our vacation on Kauai this past fall! The location was perfect, the accommodations were set up perfectly for our family. You provided us with all of the “local” must see locations and beaches perfect for surfing, and soaking up the sun. We had fabulous meals, based on your recommendations, saw the sunset from the most stunning of vistas. You were attentive to every detail to ensure we had the time of our lives while on your beautiful island. All with that warm smile on your face that told us, you really know this island and love every aspect of this island and what you get to do while serving your clients. What an amazing experience you provided me and my family. Thank you, Luan for everything. You made our experience priceless!!

Roxanne Ruby

Luan will be a blessing to anyone who works with him in Kauai! He is from the island so he can recommend all the best stuff and is a kind, considerate, friendly person 🙂 I have known him for years and he always has a great attitude and generous heart.

Adrian Nicolas

An incredible soul and wonderful energy abound in Luan. Such a super friendly outlook on life and a pure heart that wants to share aloha in every way. Only the highest recommendations for this awesome human. Really talented, and I am sure that an experience with him will be always remembered.

Christopher Wadsworth

had a rare opportunity—“rare” in a half-day meeting—to glimpse Luan’s true character. Within one minute of meeting him at Hanalei Pier, we received alerts of an incoming
ballistic missile. Understandably, panic & chaos ensued all around us, as frantic beachgoers sprinted to their cars to seek shelter elsewhere… Luan remained calm,
collected, and concerned. While he turned his attention to his family, he invited me—a complete stranger totally unfamiliar with Kauai—to join his family and his dogs in the
safest shelter they could find. Thirty minutes later, the alert was mercifully recalled as a false alarm and sanity was restored. But in those harrowing 30 minutes, Luan’s
unparalleled integrity and selflessness were on full display… …and—after a major emotional detour—Luan provided an excellent and unforgettable surf experience! Trust
me, this guy cares about his customers, simultaneously prioritizing their safety and enjoyment.


Luan is among the most sincere people I’ve ever interacted with. He is genuinely kind hearted and has the best interest of others at heart. He is ambitious and confident, he is humble and gracious. I trust him whole heartedly and can’t wait to support him however I can as a friend, partner in business, and as a client. If you and Luan step into a working relationship, you’re in the very best hands!


I’ve known Luan since pre school & he has always been the most caring, humble, and genuine human being I have ever met.Not to mention he is very educated and caring for everyone and everything. He is 100% completely dedicated to whatever he puts his mind too and one day when I have the funds to purchase my own place, I know for a fact he will do everything possible to guarantee my satisfaction. If you’re looking to sell or buy a home on the island of Kauai, Luan is your guy!


Excellent customer service and very professional with quick actions and rapid response. Luan Becerra is a young realtor with all the talent and resources to make your dream come true! Definetly recommend!! He will get results.